October 21, 2014

Hong Kong - Tabibito

The first and last time I went to Tabibito was during its soft opening. The dishes were alright, but nothing stood out. I hadn't been since, until I saw on my friend’s Instagram that they had begun serving mentaiko pasta for brunch. As you may know, mentaiko pasta is one my all-time favourite dishes, so I had to go try it!

Tabibito is located at the end of Po Hing Fong in Sheung Wan and can be a bit of a walk if you are taking public transportation. However, it's worth it. We went around noon on a Saturday and it was empty, so come early if you want to beat the brunch rush hour. Tabibito serves traditional brunch items like sausage and eggs, and non-traditional items like kimchi fried rice (getting that next time!) and ox tongue sandwiches. They also have daily specials, like sliders and mac n' cheese when I went.

Ox Tongue Sandwich: Tender pieces of grilled ox tongue with mustard, mayo, chopped boiled egg and pickles sandwiched between toasted bread. It might sound like a strange combo (to me at least), but it worked. It tasted like a classic egg salad sandwich but with ox tongue, yet the ox tongue wasn’t overpowered by the creamy and tangy egg mixture.

Super Banana Pancake: This reminded me of Tokyo Banana, a banana custard treat from Japan. If you’re a fan, you will love this pancake. Tabibito’s version puts a healthy portion of delicious silky banana custard inside a banana pancake. I could eat the custard all day long! The pancake had a nice crust while remaining fluffy on the inside. It was served with a side of maple syrup and half a caramelized banana.

Mentaiko Pasta: One of the best mentaiko pastas I’ve had in Hong Kong. The sauce was rich and creamy, full of umami and slighty spicy. The portion of pasta was generous and they didn’t skimp on the mentaiko. Each pasta strand was slathered with it. I also loved the shisho leaf, which cut through the richness of the dish.

Verdict: Delicious comfort food from around the world with a Japanese flair. I’ll be going back to try their "normal" brunch food and of course, to get my mentaiko fix. My only complaint is that their tables are quite small so you may have to play tetris to fit all your dishes on there. Keep in mind they only serve their brunch menu on weekends. They also do not take reservations for brunch.

I recommend: Super Banana Pancake, Mentaiko Pasta

Address: G/F, 20 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan
Phone: 2547-2833

Website: www.tabibito.com.hk
Hours: Tue-Fri 6pm til late, Sat-Sun brunch starts 11:30am

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