About Me

My first memory of cooking was as a Cub Scout in the third grade. To earn one of our badges, we had to "demonstrate cooking abilities". And by "cooking abilities", I meant frying an egg and a sausage. My mom was so worried I wouldn't pass she made me practice a lot. I must have fried at least 10 plates of eggs and sausages before the test! When test day came, my cooking ability proved to be the same of an average 8 year old - burnt sausage with a side of burnt eggs. I therefore passed with flying colours.

My first time baking was in middle school Life Skills. We made these braided raisin bread things that were hard as rocks and tasted so bland, but the process of making them was so fun that I made one every week at home for a few months. I still remember we had to use our hands to mix the butter into the flour to make "breadcrumbs" (which was really fun) and rolling out the dough felt like playing with PlayDoh. 
​I really got into cooking when I went abroad to study. I lived by myself so I had to feed myself as eating out was too expensive. So I began to cook a lot, starting with the holy grail of college student foods - instant ramen! After gaining Freshmen 15, I decided I had to move on to real food. I started buying fresh produce and began experimenting with dishes that I saw on TV and food blogs. I would say Italian and Japanese are my favorite cuisines to eat and to cook. I also picked up on the trend of taking photos of my food and have built a collection of recipes and photos. Now I would like to share them with you! Happy eating!

P.S. All photos are taken by me, unless stated otherwise.