June 30, 2014

Boston - Neptune Oyster

It was almost a 5-hour drive from New York to Boston. I think we left during morning rush hour, so by the time we arrived at our hotel it was almost 2pm. We were both so hungry and grumpy from being hungry. I was dying to have the lobster roll that V told me about. So once we were checked in, I was thrilled to find out that Neptune was only a few blocks away from our hotel. We arrived there around 230pm, but there was still a line. We put our names down and went for a coffee. We came back around 315pm and were seated at the bar. I liked the casual decor and ambiance of the restaurant. There were some nautical decorations, wood accents and white tiled walls. People were chatting loudly but I could still hear myself and didn't have to yell. The servers were friendly, upbeat, and didn't hover.

We were given an order sheet for oysters, clams, and other cold seafood appetizers. We picked two types of oysters: Kusshi and Kumamoto; and two types of clams: Littlenecks and Cherrystones. We preferred the Kusshi, as it was more plump and creamy. We also liked the Littlenecks more. They were succulent and briny. The Cherrystones tasted flat and was a bit too chewy. 

Wellfleet Clam Chowder: The clams were plump and fresh. The chowder was well seasoned and creamy. I liked how the consistency of this chowder wasn't gloopy and thick, like the kind from a can.

Lobster Roll served warm with Butter: Star of the show!! You can get this cold with mayo, or hot with butter. We tried a buttered version before in San Francisco, so we wanted to have something different. When our roll came, I was a bit disappointed because they had mixed up our order and given us the butter one. We were too hungry to wait for another one so we didn't send it back. I bit into it and boy was I glad the order got mixed up! The buttered one was heavenly!! Hands down the BEST lobster roll I've ever had. There was just an obscene amount of fresh lobster coated generously in a warm buttery sauce. The lobster chunks were cooked to perfection - juicy, sweet, not rubbery at all. The bread roll was toasted on the outside and soft on the inside, with a bit of sweetness to it. 

Verdict: I would come again for the oysters, lobster roll, and to try the crab claws. 

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