May 30, 2011

Los Angeles - Apple Pan

LA is a gastronomical heaven, no doubt about that. Our first stop after landing was Apple Pan in West LA (10801 W Pico Blvd), one of Tiff's favorite burger joints. I could understand why. It was old school and authentic, with only bar seating and an open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant. Crispy fries came on a paper plate and our iced teas (unlimited refills!) came in styrofoam cups. Don't expect to get any fancy sauces for your fries, strictly ketchup! The menu hasn't changed since 1947. I ordered a Steakburger (pictured) and Tiff ordered a Hickoryburger. These burgers were amazing. The beef patty was juicy and had a distinct charred flavor, the onions and pickles added that sweetness and tanginess and the cheese was gooey, resulting in a messy, but happy, eating endeavour. Tiff's Hickoryburger was essentially the same as my Steakburger but with an excellent smoky BBQ sauce. We were already full after the burgers but she insisted that I try the Apple Pie. Out of this world! Perhaps one of the best apple pies I've ever had. The pie crust was buttery, flaky and slightly salty, and the chunky cinnamon-y apple filling was lovely. They gave us three scoops of vanilla ice cream to go with it! I loved how it was sweet and savoury, hot and cold all at the same time.

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